Angela Fe

Who Are We Becoming? Is It Joyful?

For a while now I have witnessed parts of myself that are simply caught in resistance. I say I want change, but when new energy would present itself I often observed myself contracting into the boredom of the familiar. No judgement! Just noticing!

With Matrix Energetics, help from I AM, and the unseens, I have dedicated myself to gently releasing resistance from fear based thought forms, family patterns, past life personalities etc. that have kept me stuck in my egoic personality. There is nothing to FEAR, EVER!

This process of deconstructing my former identity/reality construct requires that I push my mind past the illusions of any thought forms that are less than love with forgiveness, and transcendence.

I am surrendering to the candlelight within, and choose to see this as my only true basis for reality. I choose to release any part of my story that is not joyous. Sat NAM!

It is my Sacred Duty to connect with other Beings who are willing to open up their hearts to fulfilling their Sacred Mission here on Earth, but may just need a little extra nudge in ending the dream where the dreamer is anything but totally engulfed with God’s Love, JOY and Endless Possibilities for more LOVE!

I invite you to participate in the next call in my FREE Tele-conference series titled:

“Dissolving Resistance And Invisible Blocks To Creating Joy”
Date: SUNDAY February 26, 2012 at 7 PM EST, 6 PM CT, 5 PM MST, 4 PM PST

FREE Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (610) 214-0000

Participant Access Code: 810012#

Thank you for committing your life to JOY!

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Angela Fe
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P.S. Stay tuned for 2 more tele-conferences in this series!
Enhancing Your Radiance – Saturday, March 24 Time TBA
Envisioning The Matrix: Accessing other Realities – TBA

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