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Walking Through the Valley: Matrix Energetics Self Treatment

“God Grant me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change and the Ability to Change the Things I Cannot Accept!” -Dr. Richard Bartlett

Here is a sample of what a Matrix Energetics session might look like. I did this on myself and wrote out what I was noticing. Writing can be a great way to get your energy moving. Enjoy this post and claim the changes for yourself!

So what is my Power here? What can I move out? What have I been holding onto which also translates to where am I holding out on myself/life? Retrieval to the parts of myself I feel I may have lost along the way, or just stashed for safekeeping can come out from the darkness now.

Creating a space, asking for assistance with integration. Allowing myself to really turn on to God, to Shakti, to life force and agreeing this is a good thing. Modules 3,4, 5 dozen. Forgiving the past, really letting go, stepping into spiritual.

Detecting undercurrents of anxiety, fear, depression. What can I do with this? Command it gone! I AM THAT I AM! Feeling strength, allowing myself to come in more. Asking guides for help with this too. Come home from wherever I’ve abandoned my self and have grief over it.

Connecting to a tribal awareness, interconnectedness, allowing God to come in more; fulfilling my mission, instructions on that downloading.

Time travel to a time when I was 8, healthy functioning, I am sorry, I love you, allow yourself to forgive and come current. Blessings, love, light, dolphins, starry starry night, in my pants, Metatron!

We are all a part of God’s waters of Soul, Earth and Sky!

But what about the impenetrable darkness? Come in more, rescue me from pitfalls, evil, sleepiness. I long for God now, here in the flesh, igniting my Spirit, calling me home. Gratitude for belonging in God within the body. Peacefulness permeates. I am alone but not really, it’s all up to me, but it’s not. Divine paradox. Still something missing, oh, myself!

I am never alone with you.

What about my finances? Forgiving them too. It’s not as important as you think. Call it to you. Calling destiny here now under the almost full moon. I don’t always know where I’m going but I will tell you when I get there!


Angela Fe

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