Angela Fe

Unleash Your Heart: God Becomes YOU

I feel that in some aspect everyone is looking to develop higher personal power. Why? We hope that by doing so we will somehow gain the keys to the kingdom of Higher Light, Love, Vibration aka: HARMONY!

The activations that we are seeking bring us into deeper resonance with our own Light, and Abundance of love all around us. We are seeped in it!

My friend and teacher, Alex often would remind me that my ability to clearly experience the ONE was just ONE DEGREE over from my current state of consciousness, no matter how convoluted that may be at the time!

One minute I am diseased, distressed, disallowing and the next HOLY Breathing INSTANT the ‘world’ is peeled from thine eyes, I ‘shut the door’ on my senses and am catapulted into God’s Kingdom, using God’s mind to think, see, hear, allow, and mostly feel myself within the God I Am Becoming!

Upcoming Events: Joyously Dancing in the LIGHT of the I AM w/ Special Guest, Kristen JOY! of
Free Teleconference
DATE: Easter Sunday, April 8th at 6 pm PT

Please dial in a few minutes before the conference starts. Once the session begins, you will not be able to enter the conference. Thanks for understanding!

Free Conference Call: 610-214-0000
Access Code: 810012#

Where MIracles are a natural part of life!

EASTER SPECIAL! FREE 30 Minute Matrix Energetics Sessions! I have 6 slots available at 7:30 am!! Offer expires in 10 days! You must book in advance!! Visit or text 512-924-3748 for details. Please enjoy the offerings from SPIRIT through me!

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