Angela Fe


From Sariah in Flagstaff, Arizona:
“Meeting Angela when I did was sincerely heaven sent. I was facing adversity, PTSD, trying to process the trauma and in a sense of hopelessness. Spending this magical time with Angela, allowed me to face, for the first time in my life, how this energy was abundant in my body. Reiki has helped me become aware of my own healing power and the great power of intention. Reiki has helped me and my family on a daily basis not only with healing physical and emotional energies, but also grounding me in my spirituality; to trust my intuition and honor myself. For this I am forever grateful. You are my guiding light, my momentous teacher, my inspiration, my s-hero, Angela. Love and light. <3" From Greg In Maui, Hawaii:

“Angela is an amazing soul! She has helped me to clear resistances that have long inhibited me from manifesting the life I wanted. When I realized how powerful my ability was to bring forth realties of my choosing, I soon learned that some of those realities were not quite what I wanted. In fact I didn’t really know what I wanted, though I knew the core of my being yearned to be in harmony with the Most High, the Source of creation, as well as creation itself, along with my brothers and sisters. So I asked to learn.

Since then my life has become a class room and adventure in one. Through serendipitous events and encounters I’ve been learning something about my true nature and the nature of this existence day by day. Deep insights, teachers, and opportunities are magically presented to me. After a session with Angela I would feel mental clarity, lightness in my heart and soul, as if a great burden had just been relieved. I felt like…myself! This allowed me to discern my thoughts and intentions, from intrusive and manipulative energies.

I can now tell when there are other forces that have invaded my space, which usually causes confusion; a sort of mental fog would be the best way to describe it. I have previously been unaware of it. I also notice a lack of energy at times, as if it was being drained from me by some sort of parasite. This would occur even with lots of rest and a solid diet.

At first the sessions seemed very strange to me, I was not use to her method of healing, but luckily I have an open mind, always willing to try almost anything once. It seemed too quick to be true, but to my surprise it worked! Angela is tenacious with her healing; while being supportive, detailed, and informative about what exactly is occurring. I feel greatly blessed to have met her. Mahalo for all that you have done, Angela!”

From Jeff In Austin,Texas:
“You did splendidly on your phone conference. You have the ability to transmit well being. This you know and have had repeated successes. Thus you have every right believing in your gift of energy movement, clearing and rebalancing the system.
You are an uplifter, one who is to set up a resonance emission which enables a person to slip out of their heavy fear-drenched overcoats and begin to feel the actuality of their own depth and peerless beauty, the majesty within themselves so they can find their yellow brick road again.
They are the road and the path but don’t know it. We as the facilitators are the door-men. like elated waiters bringing out superb food from the back kitchen, given from the One who prepared it all.As-Salam Alaikum ,Jeff!”