Angela Fe

Spring Cleaning Special: Becoming your Guardian Angel

Matrix Energetics is a total system of transformation that allows for changes to be experienced in any area of life instantaneously. Once we move into a space where new possibilities exist our rigid constructs of how we think reality is begin to morph into something more useful. We realize that matter can be reorganized, and any area of our life can be transcended simply by being willing to have life show up for you in a way that brings you JOY, Harmony, and an Abundance of Love and Appreciation.

What this practice has helped me access is the beginning stages of witnessing the potential of my own heart field. I too, have had plenty of material to transcend including worry, stress, irritation. As my practice has expanded, my heart field has, too. Heart-field activation has enabled me to move through states of depression, anger, fear, with much more GRACE and allowed me to continue to identify with the reality to LOVE so that I can reorient myself much more quickly.

So what area of your life would you like to experience with more happiness, peace, fulfillment, or maybe a MASSIVE SHIFT? Are you ready to move beyond whatever is stopping YOU so you can have more of who you really are?

I am happy to announce my Spring Cleaning Special: Matrix Energetics Phone Special
30 minute session now only $25!!
and 1 hour session only $45!!

Schedule TODAY! I look forward to sharing the Grace the Field has to offer us when we drop down, place intent and LET GO!

Grace can’t be explained, it must be experienced!


Angela Fe

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