Angela Fe

Return to Source! Free Conference Call Sunday May 13th at 5pm PST

Dear Ones,
I pray you are well and happy this day, and are actualizing your full potential of freedom in every moment and with every breath.
How many of us can actually say that at the end of the day? Or even half way through.
Big energy is here, we are invited to jump into the quantum pool of blissful creation and swim like dolphins or….sink into familiar stuckness. As always you get to CHOOSE!
The old way, old world energy just ain’t coming back, so the sooner we get on board fully with our ability to direct our light the better!
I am so pleased to announce my final free teleconference of the series
‘Stepping into Your Uncomfortable Zone with Wisdom, Love, and Ease:
Call #4 Envisioning the Matrix.’
This call promises to be energetically oriented to position each and every one of us into the place of heart-centered power where we can see our life as the divine crystal matrix that it is. We will all be able to clarify which way our Highness wants us to head, and what energy we need to embody in order to fully get on board with the next step.
I am told many of us on the call will ‘graduate’ that day into the next vibrational level of our soul’s evolution. Exciting!
I am so pleased and blessed to be here with you in this way and am looking forward to sharing sacred space and Envisioning the Matrix with YOU!
Please call in a few minutes in advance. Once the conference has begun you will not be able to enter the conference. Thank you for being mindful of this.
Free Conference Call on Sunday May 13th at 5pm PST
Conference Dial-in Number: (610) 214-0000
Participant Access Code: 810012#
Please feel free to pass this information forward to those you would feel could benefit and would like to bless!

In Light,
Angela Fe

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