Angela Fe

On the Move! is in the process of changing over to I am pleased to welcome you to my new virtual home. All Harmonics sessions will now be offered through Circles of Giving: An evolution in expressing appreciation for goods and services.

What is Circles of Giving?

Circles of Giving is a new approach to how we view and exchange money (coins and papers of exchange, little metal discs, etc.) for goods and services that add value and meaning to our lives. For each Harmonics session that you receive from me, I ask that you express appreciation (payment) from your heart instead of me asking for a set fee for my services. Try on different amounts and see what feels right in your heart, and give from there.

Thank you for working with me in this way. I bless all monies that come to me and ask that the money be cleansed and imprinted with the true meaning “In God We Trust.” I trust that all our needs will always be met. As so it IS! Namaste! Ohm!

Want to book a Session? Contact me or telephone (512) 924-3748 to schedule today.

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