Angela Fe

NOW is the Time, THIS is the Place!

A Heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the first tele call in the Laughing Out Loud  Series: Stepping into Your Uncomfortable Zone:  Feeling Your Power.

The energy on the tele-call was so HIGH! It opened us to embrace new, lighter versions of self by letting go of what we were holding on to. We all have the ability to delete the scripts that have kept us on the sidelines of our life, so say goodbye to the old reality construct any time it gets boring and make way for fun co creativity!

I appreciate and  bless you all in helping me grow from this experience as well. My guides have encouraged me to host energy parties for some time now. Your interaction is invaluable to me! We all hold keys for one another.

When we step into our power we are both stars and constellations of light separate but interdependently glowing in love. There is strength and power whenever our hearts and intentions meet. Because of you I can grow stronger and be who I came to be fulfilling whatever mission I undertake!

Even if growing makes me cringe, or want to step back into safe, predictable, comfortable old me, I’m not gonna!

With collective support, acknowledgement and love we can move beyond fear and step into the Divine Beings that we are. It’s not enough to play small anymore. Be who you came here to be. Step into something untouched, but felt like sun-kissed breezes upon your cheeks in recent dawn.

Beloveds, NOW is the TIME! THIS is the Place!

When we take a quantum leap of Faith, Spirit will not only catch us, but teach us how to fly!


Angela Fe

Coming Soon! FREE Tele-Calls in the Laughing Out Loud Series: Stepping into Your Uncomfortable Zone!

Join us and invite a friend! Three calls left in the Series:

  • Melting Your Resistance and Invisible Blocks to Joy- Coming in February!
  • Solar Power: Enhancing your Radiance: TBA
  • Envisioning the Matrix: TBA

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