Angela Fe

Matrix Energetics: Dive into YOUR Passion by aligning from the Heart!

What is the possibility that I can actually have, be, or do anything that I set my heart field in resonance with? 100%, 100% of the time!~!
The actuality of it is being in resonance with that which your heart field has been guided to create while bypassing the conscious beta functions of egoic idenity constraints.
Matrix Energetics has what I would call a ‘beta-blocker’ meaning we can’t really get to where our hearts already are in light by thinking about it.
In truth we already are complete in oneness, so there is really nothing to figure out down here.
We are here to have an experience with ourselves in lower octaves then journey with our heart field to unlock the windows of possible access to alternate outcomes to just about anything under the SUN .
I see Matrix Energetics as a way to really Play with God and have God play back.
I see Matrix Energetics as a way to get high on drugs without ever taking them.
I see Matrix Energetics as accessing the possible possibility of what is really possible in the MOMENT.

What Dr. Bartlett, Creator of Matrix Energetics(aka BatMan, All around Good Guy Bad ASS) has allowed me to allow into my own Matrix Energetics experience is to allow the heart field to have its way with me, meaning it’s not some technique I DO, its more of a state that I access, and it informs me of how it wants to play.
Who wants to play??
Only $45.00 per hour long session.
I pray you will join me in deciding on the delciousness that is available for you as you
return to the depths of your heart center activated by choice. CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD!
Angela Fe
Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

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