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Hit Refresh on your JOY Button!

You are invited to participate in activating your own JOYBODY in the Laughing out Loud Series:

Stepping into your Uncomfortable Zone with Wisdom, Joy & Ease.

This is a


tele-series brought to you by Angela Fe.

The next call in our series is titled:

Enhancing Your Radiance: Moving Beyond the PainBODY and accessing the JOYBODY!

Date: Sunday, March 25 at 6pm Pacific Time

Free Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (610) 214-0000
Participant Access Code: 810012#

We are here to contribute to one another through our joy and Presence. We are here to acknowledge the Truth that is within each and every cell of our being. We are becoming what we already are in Spirit, in Truth. There is nothing to remember but this wisdom. We are recollecting ourselves from the collective fear pattern and returning to JOY, innocence, hitting refresh on our JOY button .

I came here today to claim JOY for each and every living being on the Earth today. I claim that we will hear through the  ears of love and the open-heartedness that is our true nature.  I claim that we will love one another and allow all  that may feel unloved to be returned to LOVE now.

I claim that the innocence that lives within every child, woman and man is completely alive, and recognized!

The wisdom within has  never left us, and if we have stopped living from that place,  we can forgive, let go and return Home anytime.

I am living love within myself, claiming my true nature and allowing the resistance to cease. I don’t need to know what this looks like, only that it feels like I have awakened within myself again, letting love in.  All other realities other than these can be set free and returned to Source.  We are forever ONE looking through the looking glass of YOU. Believe in the Love that you See within Yourself, Claim this as the One Reality and set the others free. You are the Creator, You get to Choose!


Angela Fe

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