Angela Fe

Harmonics Sessions

Welcome to Flower of Life Harmonics with Angela Fe!

I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of your
Journey into the Heart-Field of LIFE!

A Safe Place to Transform
My practice draws on several areas of Energy and Quantum Medicine.
I practice Matrix Energetics, Reiki, and other forms of energy
medicine. Each session is specifically designed to meet your unique
needs based on what your body/mind/spirit communicate to me.
I support your own inner wisdom and natural healing ability. I am
a knowledgeable facilitator and am passionate about my ability to serve others
with this gift and practice.

What happens during a Flower of Life Harmonics Session?
Your first session includes a health history regarding your concerns and goals.
Since most sessions are done on the phone or Skype I will ask that you give yourself some time to prepare for our session together by taking time to get quiet and meditate beforehand. I find that the quieter we both are inside, the more quickly the energy moves for you in the session. During the session I will be guided as to which modality and in what order they are to be used. The process unfolds naturally. Your main priority in the session is that you feel safe and comfortable with me, and are in the receiving mode.

How long are sessions?
Sessions usually last about 45-55 minutes with some discussion before and after.
Please give yourself a full hour to receive and perhaps take some time afterward to integrate the work we have done. Sessions can also be as short as 10-15 minutes depending on the specific issue. Please contact me if there are questions about session length.

Make an Appointment
Please feel free to use my appointment setter on my website
to see what my availability for the week is. You can also contact me directly
at my email address or 512-924-3748.
Payments using a credit card can be made at my website at the time of the session via PayPal. If you do not have access to the internet, please let me know and other arrangements can be made.

Payments for Services
It is very important for me to make my services available to all those who feel a connection to this work and to me. My work is done on a sliding scale which ranges from $45-$125. If, however, you need to work out some other arrangement I am flexible and willing to work with most anyone who is willing to heal themselves.

Cancellation Policy
Please honor our time together. If for some reason you are not able to
commit to the time we have scheduled please kindly give me a 24 hour
notice and reschedule your appointment with me. If you do not communicate
and do not show up for the session you will pay for the session. Thank you for
being mindful of our time.

Most sessions are done over the phone.   Please call/text or email me at 512-924-3748 or and I will respond no later than 24 hours.

How it works:

Since the session will take place over the phone I encourage you to find a comfortable and quiet place to receive your session. If you have a personal practice to quiet the mind (yoga, meditation, chanting, etc) that can also be helpful. The quieter the mind of the recipient the deeper we are able to go. I also recommend that you are fully hydrate yourself and take some time to connect with your own Higher intentions before we begin.

What to expect:

Once we are on the phone we will talk about your needs and intentions for the session, create sacred space, clear our energy fields, connect, and begin.  I never have any agenda for any session; meaning I go into every Harmonics session with an open heart, clear  and neutral energy and ask only to be a conduit for Spirit and your Highest version of yourself to direct, guide, and work through me.

Thank you for working with me in this way!

512-924-3748 to book your Harmonics session NOW!