Angela Fe

Easily Pay For Matrix Harmonics Services Through PayPal On A Sliding Scale Basis is in the process of changing over to I am pleased to welcome you to my new virtual home.

All Harmonics sessions are offered through Sliding Scale ($45 to $125).

Harmonics Session With Angela Fe

Other Amount:

What is Sliding Scale?

The sliding scale is a very common and acceptable way to express appreciation for services that add value and meaning to your life. This allows you to pay what you can afford in a flexible, individually tailored way. As with any fee arrangement, I clearly articulate, preferably in writing, and agree upon the arrangement on an individual basis. I am open to and flexible about changing the fee arrangements to accommodate life changes.

For each Harmonics session that you receive from me I ask that you express appreciation (payment) from your heart instead of me asking for a set fee for my services. Try on different amounts, see what feels right in your heart, and give from there.

Thank you for working with me in this way. I bless all monies that come to me and ask that the money be cleansed and imprinted with the true meaning of “In God We Trust.” I am confident that all our needs will always be met.  So it IS! Namaste! Ohm!

Want to book a Session? Contact Angela Fe or telephone (512) 924-3748.

Lakshmi Goddess Of Abundance