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Flagstaff Reiki Healing Center: Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification in November!

Interested in reducing stress and enhancing your well being in a fun, effective & easy to learn way?
The Usui Reiki System of Healing can be used for self treatments, as well as helping family, friends and pets.
Learn how to receive and practice the Ancient Healing Art: Usui Reiki.
Our lineage begins with Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian and originator of the system, states that, “Reiki is a spiritual healing technique and an energy healing technique.”

What is Reiki?
Reiki utilizes Universal Life Energy that enhances healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Reiki Energy Healing brings relief of pain, enhances relaxation and promotes spiritual growth.
Reiki brings one to understand the purpose of life and connects one to higher levels of consciousness. It is an individual experience and a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.
Reiki is scientifically supported through controlled clinical medical studies and the testing of those who use it and receive it.
Reiki also increases inner harmony, raises one’s vibrations to be in sync and brings peace and happiness on personal, family and global levels.

What does a Reiki Treatment feel like?
Some people say Reiki feels like a deep molecular massage. Some often fall asleep, or enter into a deep meditative state. Some report feeling sensations of heat, tingling, or cool energy.To really understand it requires one to personally experience it.

What will I learn? Here is an overview of Day 1: First Degree Class
• Class Preparation – Get to class on time. It is recommended to avoid nicotine and caffeine the day prior to and the day of class. Wear comfortable clothing made of natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk, etc.) Do not wear nylon stockings or any other restrictive type of garments. Bring two cushy pillows. This is a full day class, don’t forget to eat breakfast.
• Introduction – Meet your instructor (Reiki Master) and fellow classmates while sipping on some relaxing herbal tea. This is the time for getting comfortable in your classroom , briefly chatting with your classmates.
• Brief Discussion – Why are you taking this class? What are your expectations?
• Class Overview – Class agenda is shared with students.
• Definition of Reiki – Universal Life Energy – defining what is it.
• Pre-Reiki hands-on experience – Notice your hands, is there any energy flow?
• Receive attunements
• Share attunement experience with class.
• Post-attunement hands-on experience.
• Learn self-treatment hand positions.
• Give yourself a full self treatment.
• History of Reiki – Who are Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Hawayo Takata?
• Lunch break.
• Share time.
• Learn hand positions to give a Reiki treatment to others.
• Group Reiki – Everyone takes turns receiving a Reiki treatment.
• Class Ends – At the end of the day you are Reiki Level 1. Your attunement to Reiki energy is permanent. Reiki is a balancing energy……drink lots of extra water for the next few days. You are to be congratulated for having given yourself such a wonderful gift.

Day 2- Are You Ready to Advance to Level II?
Here are a few questions for the Reiki I student to ask herself/himself before moving on to Reiki II.
• Are you ready for 2nd degree?
• Can you feel when Reiki is drawing?
• Do you have a general understanding of Reiki?
• Do you use Reiki on a regular basis?
• How often do you conduct self treatments?
• How important is it for you to learn how to do absentee Reiki?
• Are you clear about your reasons for wanting to become Reiki II?

First Reiki II Class Session
• Brief Open Discussion
Review of Reiki I. Why are you taking this class? What are your expectations? Do you have any questions about 1st degree Reiki?
• Introduction to the Reiki II symbols.
Taught names and pronunciations of the Reiki Symbols.
Taught meanings (intentions) of each symbol.
• Receive first of two attunements.
• Drawing the Symbols
There are 3 separate Reiki symbols to learn. It is important to learn how to draw them precisely, learn the power of the symbols, and learn the proper pronunciation and spelling of them. Sketch pads and colored markers are provided. Students practice, practice, and practice more. This is fun! As we draw the symbols students begin to get impressions about them, intuitively perceiving the individual symbols and their unique energies. Although the symbols are often visualized in healing sessions it is utmost important that the Reiki II practitioner knows how to draw the symbol beforehand.
• Homework Assignment
The Reiki symbols are to be memorized by the next class (the next day, or after a 2 hour lunch break).
Second Reiki II Class Session
• Draw the symbols and write the names of the symbols for the instructor. Give the meaning (power ) of each symbol.
• Review the use and power of each symbol.
• Receive second attunement.
• Experience the increased flow of the Reiki by placing the symbols into your body.
• Learn the step by step formula of using the symbols in sending Reiki long distance.
• Practice sending absentee Reiki.
• Learn how to use surrogates as a focusing tool for distance healing.
• Teach how Reiki can be sent into the past or the future.
• Question/Answer Period
• End of Class – Congratulations, You are Reiki Level II.

How do I learn Reiki?
In order to become a Reiki I, II, or III practitioner you must receive attunements in person from a Reiki Master who has also received the attunements and training from another Reiki Master.
Reiki Level 1 will be taught in Flagstaff, AZ on Saturday, November 8th 9-1 pm. Class Fee is $85.00 ; Reiki Level 2 is November 9th from 10-3 pm. Class fee is $125.
Register By October 21st for both levels and pay only $195!!
Call Angela at 512-924-3748 or email her at to reserve your spot for this wonderful opportunity. Click the payment page to register and pay.

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