Angela Fe

Delving into the Heart Mind of Gratitude

We are all thinking feeling beings having an experience. Sooner or later we all come to the realization that only We can change how we react to what seems to be happening in our lives.

For some people change is easier than it is for others.
What I have come to recognize is that we are all programmed to
access higher realities and realizations about ourselves and life.
There is also a component within each one of us that surfaces when change happens no matter what kind of
results this potential change may offer.
We are really good about wanting change then running from it, and here’s why.
There are certain programs with in the grid of MIND that are freaking out about how much is actually happening on the planet now. Since the planet and all beings within her are ascending at a very rapid rate now, so much shifting leaves us feeling like we want to run for cover.
Resist the temptation to stick your head in the sand.
It’s no where near over. We are currently in the biggest and longest evolutionary transition in her story and she is going to be victorious.
So what can we do to prepare for the end of 3 D living?
Celebrate! Take conscious actions to shed outdated modes of behavior; Set time aside for yourself every day to pray, meditate, connect with your guides, remember what you really do have, what is really working for you and BE GRATEFUL; Get your body moving, take in the sunshine, swing your hips, connect with the heart energy of mother earth.
We are meant to accelerate this process by releasing whatever does not feel good anymore and be willing to acclimate to what really does feel good to our Spirit and nourish that above all else.
Angela Fe

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