Angela Fe

Chakra Healing And Balancing

Chakra balancing, chakra cleansing and chakra healing are all terms that mean essentially the same thing. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or circle. The chakras are subtle vital energy centers in the spine. The chakras represent major areas of life and also are responsible for certain physiological reactions in the body. The chakras can be seen as an interface between matter and consciousness.

Chakra balancing, chakra cleansing and chakra healing all have to do with making sure that the chakras are functioning correctly. Energy in the chakras can become blocked so that they don’t function at their maximum potential. This can result in mental, physical and psychological disturbances. Chakra healing is the process in clearing these blockages so that they can function properly.

There are many systems and methods for chakra healing, balancing and cleansing including meditations and breathing techniques.

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