Angela Fe

2016 Mentorship Program with Angela Fe


Honor Sacred Contract: Reiki Mentorship Program
I have a few slots available for a mentorship in USUI Reiki Healing. This is an exclusive and limited offer that will allow you to learn Reiki in a Sacred environment while addressing your specific patterns and issues. You could call this supported Personal Growth Process where you unlock the door to your own healing potential in order to empower yourself in every area of your life: love, career, finance, health, Spiritual and Divine Purpose, as well as learning how to help heal others.
Mentor appointments are 2 hour blocks where we meet in person in the Flagstaff Reiki Healing office in downtown Flagstaff. I will teach you Reiki 1, 2, and level 3 if you want to become a Reiki Master Teacher with support in doing that. The world needs more Reiki Masters who are willing to teach!!
I will be offering more courses and advanced mentoring next year that include laying on of stones, using essential oils for emotional healing and clearing, ho’oponopono, animal totem work, and shamanic journeying for help in every area of life.
Reiki is a compliment to any line of work, as a stand alone practice, or used for personal growth. PM me for details, call or text Angela Fe 512-924-3748 for an application TODAY! I look forward to exploring and growing with you! P.S. I work on a sliding scale and am willing to work with most anyone who truly desires to learn. Application Deadline: JAN. 2.


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